Zimbabwe News BF’s Fight over same man – Things Get Ugly after Social media...

BF’s Fight over same man – Things Get Ugly after Social media Exposes Affair


A Harare woman is accusing her best friend of snatching her boyfriends, with the latest affair having been exposed on social media platform- Whatsapp.

Tatenda Rupiya, 31, says she is still trying to come to terms with the ordeal after she saw pictures of her best friend- Catherine Chawira enjoying some cozy moments with her boyfriend, Fredrick Banze.

Catherine and Fredrick’s happy moments during the CAPS UNITED and Zamaleck CAF Champions League match on Sunday have been shared on whatsapp groups and Tatenda is failing to come to terms with the betrayal.


“Catherine has snatched my boyfriend again and I do not know why she always wants to date every man that I go out with. She once snatched my other boyfriend, Washy, after I hosted a party at my place. I understand Washy started pursuing Cathy, who also did not resist. That is how the relationship ended about two years ago and now she is at it again with my boyfriend. Why is it she is always after every man that I go out with I thought we were friends but this all shows me that we are not friends.



She is the one who has been circulating those pictures, I’m sure she wanted me to see and it really hurts seeing your best friend and your boyfriend together,” she said. Catherine, however says, it’s the boyfriends who always come after her not the other way round, as she adamantly insists that it’s not her fault that guys find her attractive.

“Her boyfriends always come after me and so why should she blame me. I never even dated the other boyfriend she is talking about although he did ask me out. As for Fredrick, we are an item and I’m enjoying every moment. Ko vanenge vakanyorwa kumusana here kuti vakomana wake. Fredrick even took me to that (football) match where we then took pictures. I like him and surely you cannot blame me for trying to be happy,” she said.

Fredrick accused Tatenda of being crazy although he admits that he has moved on with Catherine. “She is mad, this should have just been a sign that I’m done with her and why is that too difficult to accept. I will deal with her for dragging my name into all this. This is simple, I just don’t love her and I have moved on.

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