Local News Binga Businessman EATS Razor BLADES in ritual

Binga Businessman EATS Razor BLADES in ritual


Binga Businessman EATS Razor BLADES in ritual. A Binga businessman claims he was ordered by a traditional healer to “eat” a razor blade in a ritual meant to bring back his missing brother.

Mattheus Mombe Siakabizi is now in a dilemma to explain how he managed to chew and swallow a razor blade without injuring himself, in an incident that sounds like a script of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Nonetheless, Siakabizi claims he followed instructions from a sangoma, as he was desperate to get information on the whereabouts of his missing brother. He said he was in the company of a friend who was also ordered to swallow a razor blade after some herbs were applied on the cutting tools.


methius siakamizi

However, the bizarre act has now backfired on the Matabeleland North province businessman. His family now labels him a wizard after prophets allegedly revealed the incident, arguing he ate a razor blade as a way of boosting his supernatural powers.

“I cannot even explain how it all happened. But a Hwange traditional healer whom I had approached for help ordered my friend Albert Mwembe and I to eat razor blades. It is not true that we ate razor blades for witchcraft reasons. It was after we had been convinced that if we ate the razor blades we were going to dream and be shown the whereabouts of my missing brother.

“It even sounds strange and we thought it was not possible to eat razor blades. There were three razor blades, the healer took one and put some concoction before swallowing it. He showed us his tongue and he did not have any cuts as one would expect. He then gave us the razor blades to eat as well. It proved an easy task as we did not get any cuts inside as we chewed and swallowed,” said Siakabizi laughing continuously.

After the act, Siakabizi and his friend left the traditional healer’s place promising to bring a payment of $700 the following day, after dreaming about the whereabouts of the missing brother.

The two men revealed that when they got to their hotel room, they started vomiting and had running stomachs until the following day.

“We almost died because we vomited the whole night and ended up going to the hospital for help and never returned to the traditional healer again. I did all that in a bid to find my brother who went missing and we have not heard of his whereabouts up to today. It is sad that now I am being accused of using him as my goblin. I want the prophets to come and take him out as they claim they caught six goblins in my homestead. Why then did they not find him as they had promised,” said Siakabizi.

His brother disappeared in 1999. Chief Saba confirmed the razor blade swallowing reports.

“Siakabizi is a headman. He is the one who accepted those prophets in the village. His sister and other relatives approached the prophets for help and they said that he had goblins.”

He revealed that when the matter was brought before him, Siakabizi disputed the claims and asked for different prophets to handle the matter, but still the prophesy turned out the same.

“Six goblins were captured at his homestead and shops before being killed. We are not yet done with the matter as Siakabizi is refusing to pay the prophets. He is now refusing to let them get to his homestead and bring out the said missing brother whom he has turned into a goblin,” said Chief Saba.

Prophet Gwanza, who was involved in the cleansing ceremony echoed the family members’ sentiments.