Birth certificate with another man’s name exposes cheating wife


A HARARE man has sensationally claimed that his wife sired a child with another man during their marriage.

The adulterous affair between his wife and Ellah Mbengo and Timothy Masuka was exposed when Junnias Chibondokoto saw a birth certificate stating Timothy as the father of the fourth child.

Ellah has since left her Waterfalls home to stay in Stoneridge where Timothy is said to be footing rentals and other bills.


That brought a closure to an 18-year-old marriage that was blessed with four children;the fourth child being the one who is believed to be the fruit of the loins of Timothy and Ellah.

Whilst seeking legal recourse over the matter at the Harare civil court, Junnias’US$10 000 adultery damages claim against Timothy was dismissed after he came late and missed the court session.

However,he was given an opportunity to have his matter deffered to a later date on condition he makes a fresh application against Timothy.

Through his affidavit,Junnias indicated that he was shocked when he learnt that Timothy was stated as the father of the last born child.

“There was no more evidence I needed to be convinced that my wife has been cheating on me with Timothy when I saw the child’s birth certificate on which Timothy was stated as the father.

Before I saw the child’s birth certificate I suspected that my wife was having a sexual relationship with another man because she used to deprive me of my conjugal rights.

“We would go for four months without having sex and she started having a secretive life that brought so many unanswered questions to me.

“I have suffered emotionally as well because my mind has not been at peace because of everything that has been happening,”said Junnias.

He added that he also felt betrayed by Ellah and Timothy since he thought their relationship was purely friendship.

“My wife and Timothy are church mates and Timothy is married so I was not quick to suspect that anything was going on between them.

“I started making some assumptions when I saw them in the car when my wife had lied to me that she was home.

“I then called Timothy asking him why he was spending time with my wife and he provokingly said to me that it was my wife pestering him for sex.

“I was not quick to believe until I saw the child’s birth certificate where he (Timothy)was stated as the father.

“Ellah is currently residing at a house in Stoneridge where Timothy is paying all the bills.

Source-H Metro

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