Bond notes demo organisers vow to press on #MunhuWeseMuRoad


The organisers of a fresh anti-bond notes demonstrations #MunhuWeseMuRoad earmarked for Friday 18 November 2016 across the country have vowed to go ahead with the protests despite indications from the police that the mass action was not cleared.

The organisers, who include #Tajamuka, Occupy Africa Unity Square and other civic groups, are urging Zimbabweans to join the massive demonstrations set for this Friday.

“On Friday the 18th we are calling on Zimbabweans from all walks of life to join us as we register our displeasure over the state of affairs in our nation.


“We are heading towards a total precipice and we cannot continue like this,” said Patson Dzamara in an interview with Nehanda Radio.

The demonstrations have however not been cleared by the police despite the fact that they were notified as required by law.

Nehanda Radio is in possession of a letter from Officer Commanding Police Harare Central District a Chief Superintendent Chizemo advising the organisers that their notification did not comply with the provisions of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA).


Your letter of notification does not comply with the provisions of the Public Order and Security Act Chapter 11:

“You are required to comply with the provisions of the said Act which are instructive and binding,” wrote Chief Superintendent Chizemo without elaborating.

Asked about the implications of going ahead with the demonstration without police clearance, Dzamara said they were prepared for the consequences.

“We are very aware that this will come at a cost and we must be prepared to pay the price. Our liberation will cost us tears, sweat, blood or even lives but we must do this for ourselves and future generations. It is our responsibility. We encourage all Zimbabweans to join us on the 18th. Together we can make Zimbabwe great again,” said Dzamara.

He added the time to take action against the Zanu PF government and the police had come.

“The time for us to draw a solid line in the sand has come. Cognisant of the fact that (President Robert) Mugabe and his minions won’t listen to our outcry we must speak to them in their own language. We must get into the streets and tell them we are tired of their misrule, leadership failure, corruption, and Zanu PF made poverty,” he said.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has struggled over the past 6 months to reveal when the controversial bond notes will go into circulation creating more anxiety and panic among citizens and investors alike

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