Borrowdale woman stabs husband for being broke


A BORROWDALE woman who reportedly stabbed her broke hubby after he had failed to give her some money was denied bail this week.

Tinomutenda Moyo, 30, of ART Farm Borrowdale in Harare appeared before Harare regional magistrate Aidonia Masawi facing allegations of attempted murder.

She was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court. The complainant is Tinei Mupendeke, 31, who lived at the same residence as Moyo.


Prosecutor Timothy Makoni alleged that on March 1, Mupendeke returned from work and found his wife seated on the bed watching television.

Moyo then locked the doors and demanded for money from her husband saying she wanted to go job hunting.

The court heard that Mupendeke told his wife that he was cash-strapped but could borrow the money from colleagues the following day.

However, this did not go down well with Moyo who ordered her hubby to unlock the door and go and look for the money that very moment. It was further alleged that Mupendeke asked his wife to unlock the door but Moyo stood by the exit and blocked him.

An argument ensued and Mupendeke started wrestling with his wife to go out of the house. Moyo then reached for a kitchen knife that she had hidden under her pillow and stabbed her husband on the neck.

The court heard that Mupendeke struggled to escape the danger as his wife continued to attack him. He later managed to open the door but when he got outside Moyo followed and started assaulting him with open hands.

Mupendeke ran for a distance of about 50 metres and fell down before losing consciousness. Neighbours who witnessed the incident rushed to scene and whisked Mupendeke to hospital after alerting police details. Moyo was arrested at the scene.

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