Botswana cops shoot Zim man – 23 days no treatment deportation after bullet in the eye


A Zimbabwean man from Chitungwiza was reportedly shot on the left eye by Botswana Police during an operation against illegal immigrants in that country.

Authorities in the neighbouring country allegedly deported the injured man after keeping him in custody for 23 days without treatment.

Regional immigration officer in charge of the Western region, Mr Regies Munyaradzi, said Botswana officials on Friday deported an injured Mr Wayne Murova but his office sent him back into the neighbouring country for treatment.


“A Zimbabwean was deported from Botswana and he arrived under the escort of officials from the neighbouring country. We had to send him back because he had an injured eye.

“We advised our counterparts that we could not accept him into the country as he was injured and we sent him back for treatment. Right now he is receiving treatment in Botswana,” said Mr Munyaradzi.

He said Mr Murova would be deported after he has recovered.

A police source from Plumtree who preferred anonymity said Mr Murova had lost vision in his left eye as a result of the attack.

He said the Zimbabwean was shot on September 7.

The police source said Mr Murova was being held at Molopolole Camp in Botswana where he was being treated awaiting deportation.

“On 7 September Mr Murova was shot with an AK 47 rifle by Botswana Police that were conducting a raid in Gaborone. He was attempting to flee when he was shot.



He was arrested with other illegal immigrants and he was detained at a deportation camp. At the time when they escorted him to the Plumtree Border his left eye had gone blind and it was swollen because he didn’t get treatment,” he said.

The police source said in another incident, Batswana authorities shot a Zaka man on the thigh in July and deported him after he had received treatment in the neighbouring country.

He said Mr Shadreck Mudambi was shot during a raid in Molapiwabojang area which is 80 kilometres from Gaborone.

Mr Mudambi was deported on September 28.

Several Zimbabweans have died or been severely assaulted after being caught on the wrong side of the law while in the neighbouring country

A 35-year-old Zimbabwean man from Mangwe died after Botswana Police allegedly assaulted him for illegal migration. Mr Oscar Kani of Mkhubazi Village Sanzukwi was diagnosed with subdural haemorrhage as a result of head injuries, which resulted in his death.

Mr Qhawe Moyo, who is from Nkedile area in Mangwe District, died after the Botswana law enforcement agents shot him in a suspected case of smuggling.

Botswana soldiers shot and wounded Mr Alters Ndebele (23) of Tshankwa area in Bulilima District after they caught him trying to enter the neighbouring country through an illegal point.

They allegedly dumped him at a bushy area where he was picked up by passersby who ferried him to hospital.

A 21-year-old Bulilima woman died after being denied medical assistance while detained at a police station in Botswana.

Ms Nonhlanhla Ndebele was arrested for illegal migration while she was critically ill and on her way to her home area.

Police detained her for four days and she died after succumbing to chest pains and difficulties in breathing.


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