An 18 year old pupil’s photos pictures have leaked and gone viral on social media.

The pupil, Takudzwa Mufawanaka, popularly known as Tata in Gweru, is said to have dated best friends leading to one of them leaking the pictures.

H-Metro caught up with Tata yesterday who said she mistakenly sent the nu_des to her best friend identified as Crazy G instead of her lover. She further said Crazy G forwarded the photos on social media after an undisclosed personal misunderstanding.



Yes the pictures circulating are mine, they were leaked by my friend Crazy G after we had a fracas two months back. I am really hurt because he betrayed my trust as a friend. I would have given you his contact but he changed his number recently,” said Tata.

She also alleges that her mother who works at a local bar in town is aware of the pictures.

“My boyfriend showed my mum those pictures after they went viral and she just warned us to stop that wayward behaviour as it was also a criminal offence,” she said.

An impeccable source who happens to know the girl said the girl was dating friends sometime last month when one of them leaked the pictures. “One of Tata’s lovebirds leaked the pictures as part of revenge for being played by the girl,” said the source.