BREAKING: Mutare house breaking syndicate bust


POLICE detectives in Mutare on Tuesday arrested two suspects believed to be part of an unlawful entry syndicate that broke into houses and stole household goods worth thousands of dollars.

The gang, which targeted premises in high and low density suburbs, had unleashed a reign of terror that led the police to conduct an all-out operation which resulted in the bust.

Following their arrest, Emmanuel Murepa (28) and Tangalani Yusuf (age not given) led the detectives to recover an assortment of household goods that included plasma television sets, Hi-fis, laptops, DVD players, smart phones and pots, all valued at more than $10 000.




A total of eight complainants – Rosematy Taakanyi (Dangamvura), Irimai Mukwishu (Dangamvura), Abigail Mupfava (Dangamvura), Anna Madenga (Dangamvura), Peter Mwazha (Yeovil), James Mashava (Penhalonga), Joylyn Jenya (Fern Valley) and Paterson Andrew Mark (Darlington) – have since positively identified their stolen property. More complainants were still to claim their lost possessions.

Detectives handling the case revealed that they were eager to interview more suspects, amid reports that some of the alleged accomplices were serving time at Mutare Farm Prison.

Most of the burglary cases were perpetrated from April 7 to November 5 last year. The gang either broke doors or gained entry through windows. Their modus operandi also involved the fishing out of targeted items through open windows.

In some instances they used bolt cutters to cut burglar bars. Some of the recovered stolen property had been sold to clients at suspiciously low prices with a 32-inch Plasma televisions being sold for $40.


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