BREAKING NEWS: Prophet Wutaunashe Promises Death Threats


Andrew Wutaunashe straight from being exposed that for several years he secretly pleasured himself on a Tswana girlfriend. He was cheating on his wife of more than three years with the girlfriend. The disgraced preacher who recently presided over a meeting labelling Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa “the son of God”, Andrew Wutaunashe, has sounded offensive death threats on every person who criticises his actions.

According to a published official church report by Wutaunashe’s trusty, Michael Mateta, Wutaunashe said, “those who are wise will close their mouths and ask God to spare them from his wrath to come.”

andrew-wutawunasheBelow is the FULL TEXT:


This is to my friends and spiritual children the world over. I feel I cannot let this go without telling you. We recently held a special meeting with the prophet of God Andrew Wutawunashe where he mentioned that:

God told him that the days of his affliction and smiting are over . There was a time when God allowed him to be abused even by very little children and God didn’t mind. Now He will mind.
– because of that he told us to tell those close to us and family members to now stop saying nasty and untrue things about him. He then said in Shona (musazoti Wutawunashe anouraya.)
– he told us God told recently that the season of the curse has started.

Points to note:
– the mockers and sons of Belial will laugh at the above and even say we are being threatened. I want you to know that you can’t break the word of God and get away with it: there will be a time of reckoning!
– those who are wise will close their mouths and ask God to spare them from his wrath to come!
– prophet Wutawunashe has spoken before, and God has always honoured his word in his mouth.

DONT SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU! I have done my part even if you don’t like me or what I have said. I did this for my conscience tomorrow when some of these things begin to happen!

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