BREAKING : Queen kills her daughter for disturbing her while being bonked


An evil mother has recently been apprehended by the police after she brutally murdered her 15 month old baby before “storing” the tiny corpse in the freezer.

The single mother, Queen Mahosi, of Hillbrow in Johannesburg is said to have beaten her son with a cooking stick, judging by the deep marks on his body. According to neighbors, Queen and the child’s father broke up 3 months ago after the father accused her of spending all the money on drugs and neglecting the child.




A neighbor narrated : “Same Queen was having a hard time. She was using drugs. On the fateful night. She was with a Nigerian man and the baby kept waking up and crying. The made the Nigerian man say he was not going to pay for the services. The mother got in a fit of anger and struck the baby with a cooking stick.”

After realising what she had done, the woman is said to have hidden the baby in the freezer and told neighbors she had sent her daughter to the farm

On the fateful day however, it was reported that a neighbor visited the woman and wanted to take meat from the freezer so she could thaw it in preparation for dinner. Only after the meat had finished thawing did the neighbor realise she was about o cook human meat. A case was reported to the police who promptly arrested the woman and charged her with murder.

She will appear at a date later to be confirmed.

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