Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross – Plenty roadblocks scare of tourists


The high number of road blocks and heavy police presence during the festive season scares off potential tourists neighbouring countries, a legislator has said.

The concern come at a time the ZRP has deployed 45 000 officers to man major highways and conduct street patrols.

There are at least 20 roadblocks between Beitbridge and the resort town of Victoria Falls.


Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross, who raised concerns over the issue in parliament on Wednesday said that the increased roadblocks discourage tourists coming by road from neighbouring countries, particularly Botswana and South Africa.

“I don’t think it is a secret that people are reluctant to visit the country because of those inconveniences.

“Tourists mainly affected are those with Botswana and South African number plates. The number of roadblocks is outrageous.”

He said the demands made by the police manning roadblocks were numerous and did not have links to road safety, adding the roadblocks represented a “parallel tax system” and a pretext for police corruption, especially bribery and extortion.

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