Burst sewer exposes abortion teen


A burst sewer led to the arrest of an 18-year-old woman who had an abortion.

Gugulethu Ndlovu did the heinous act then took her grandmother’s body wrapping cloth and used it to wrap the foetus before flushing it down the toilet.

The dumped foetus caused a sewer burst resulting in residents having to remove all the dirt in the pipes.


They discovered the foetus wrapped with the cloth which they identified as belonging to MaNdlovu — Gugulethu’s grandmother.

MaNdlovu confirmed that the cloth was hers, but had no idea how it got there.

The main suspect became her granddaughter Gugulethu who was swiftly called to the scene and asked to explain what had happened.

She confessed her evil deed and the matter was reported to the police resulting in her arrest.

Gugulethu has since appeared before Western commonage magistrate Temba Chimiso facing a charge of unlawful termination of pregnancy.

She pleaded guilty, but her accomplice Theresa Kundika (45) whom she identified as the supplier of the abortion herbs pleaded not guilty.

Prosecuting, Mufaro Mageza said that sometime in February this year Ndlovu approached Kundika asking for abortion herbs.

The court heard Ndlovu was given a traditional mixture that did not give any result leading her to return to Kundika sometime in March for a second dose that successfully terminated the pregnancy.

Ndlovu wrapped the foetus with her grandmother’s sarong before dumping it in a sewer at home. Ndlovu in her defence told the court that she terminated the pregnancy because her boyfriend had dumped her.

Magistrate Chimiso sentenced Ndlovu to 12 months imprisonment of which three months were suspended on condition she does not commit a similar offence and nine months were suspended on condition she completes 315 hours of community service at Western Commonage Courts.

Kundika told the court that she was a herbalist and only gave Ndlovu herbs to help her avoid losing her pregnancy.

Kundika was remanded out of custody on $100 bail.

Source-B metro

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