Catholic priest bashed at lodge


A CATHOLIC student priest last week received a thrashing at a lodge amid allegations he was bedding his aunt, who happens to be a married nurse.

Father Albert Mugari, who is also a music teacher at a local college, claims he was forced to sign a document at gun point admitting he had had sex sessions twice in a parked car and twice at priests’ quarters with Yeukai Mushangwe

Father Albert and Yeukai in their defence claimed they are related and not lovers. Yeukai’s husband Shepherd Karimanzira told H­Metro that Father Albert begged him to conceal his shenanigans with Yeukai so as to protect his image and job. Below are the two sides to the story, that of Shepherd and the version of Albert and Yeukai;



priest ALBERT’S STORY Father Albert denied the allegations stating that he is related to her and was forced to write and sign the document purporting to be having an affair with Yeukai. “Yeukai ndigogo vangu, tinotamba tese nezvinyadzi chaizvo zvekuti dai iwewe waiona mamessage atinotumirana naYeu chero munhu anototi tinodana,” said Father Albert. “I deleted the messages because it was not going to be accepted that she is related to me. “Shepherd called me to talk about messages in gogo’s phone.

He said either i was having an affair with her or i knew her boyfriend. I agreed to meet him as i had nothing to hide so i called Mbuya and told her i am going to meet him but she begged me not to saying i do not know that man. I insisted i could explain to him but i should have listened to mbuya. “When Shepherd came into my car he had two men and a woman with him and they told me that was the end of my life.

“They produced a gun and made me call mbuya to invite her to a lodge. He said Ndinonzi Shepherd Karimanzira inini, that surname should mean something to you if you are normal. I was trembling and saying my last prayers. Mbuya agreed thinking i wanted to brief her on what happened in private. I was told where i had been before and told that the two men had been tasked to kill me. If i did not go to pick her up and get her into the lodge and remove her clothes, they were going to kill me.

I had never been threatened like that and i tried to follow their orders. I seriously thought i was going to die. “Shepherd recorded my conversations with Yeukai and since she was not aware that we were being recorded she agreed to have a quality time with me like what we used to joke in saying such things.

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