Wife caught Red Handed with Husband’s Bestfriend – PART 2


The night was cold, and Max’s heater broke down. (PART 1) He shivered, trying to get to sleep. Then he got an idea. Since Chucky is out of town, maybe he can share tammy’s room just for tonight. He had this idea only because he had an important presentation next morning.

So he went to knock on Tammy’s door.“who’s there?”



“yeah right. Open the door, its not locked.”

As he opened the door, tammy was in bed under the blanket reading a book. “wats up?”

“oh no, im sorry but my heater is broken. Can I share yours? I’ll be very quiet and sleep on the floor.”

“oh poor thing. Ok fine. But you better not touch me, or I’ll kill you with my Taekwanto.”

“lol. Yes yes.”And then they tried to fall asleep.

Twenty mins went past. Max couldn’t sleep at all! Why was that so? He smelled a fragrance. Not perfume. Not smell of blankets. But some fragrance, that was so nice and made him so excited. Yes right, his d!£k was hardened all the while, of course. If only he had worn an extra shorts! That would have kept the guy down! Now this scent is so invitng! It might have been a mixture of her hair scent and her body scent. Oh god.

Then of course he did it again. Self soothe. All that he could do. He rubbed, and then in enjoyment let out a sigh of heaven.

In fact tammy couldn’t sleep as well! And actually, she is barely clothed, and only wearing a tee shirt, and yes no bottom, braaa or panties! She thought. Oh no is what she has been avoiding all along going to happen? Is she going to pounce on this guy and rape him? Oh well not rape him. Girls don’t need to rape. But she still wants to keep some limits. But she was heated up. Really heated up. So she had to touch her self as well. And as always, she found that she was wet. Really wet. And she started rubbing herself.

She heard Tom’s sigh. She didn’t turn around. But wondered. Is he rubbing himself again? This guy. Such a perv. Or maybe its just that I’m so attractive. It must be that. Boy do I love this attention. Then deliberately she moved her body a bit. Hoping that maybe he would make a first move or something.

Then Tom couldn’t take it anymore. Laying on that bed is a piece of meat and he is a hungry lion. But he couldn’t just violate her like this. Hes not daring enough. So he tried his luck.

“Er. Tammy. Are you asleep?”

oh no what does he want? Is this his move? “Well I was, until someone dared to wake me up. Whats up??” she pretended.

“Er. Can I share the bed with you. The floor is a bit too hard.”

She kept quiet.

“Er. Can i?” there was no response. Ok maybe silence means consent? Maybe she is shy? Tom decided to give it a shot. After all she never reject him and he can always he misread her. And so he pulled up his shorts and climbed up.

And there she was, right in the centre of the bed. It was only a queen size, and there was no space unless he cuddled with her.
“er.. do you want to move to the other side?”

“well. You are the one who wants to share. So you can make do with the space.” What is this girl thinking? This seems so inviting!

Tom tried not to touch her but it was really very crammed. So he thought. Haha even if he did touch her it wouldn’t be his fault. This was invitation.

Then accidentally, his hands went in contact with her smooth velvety butttt. And he realized, she isn’t wearing any bottoms!

Omg! He thought and his d!ck spewed a huge spurt of preccum instantly. He couldn’t resist her no more and he put his arms around her waist.

“Tom, what are you doing?” Tammy whispered.“Well. You wouldn’t move. I have no space.”

She then said. “but you better not do anything funny alright.”

Then he felt it. she was warm. And her heart was pounding fast. He couldn’t take her advice. He couldn’t control himself anymore. So his hand reached out for her pu55y. It was so wet!! This is heaven, tom thought! She was shavened and wet and so smooth! His d!ck was hardening like steel and his preccum was flowing like a fountain!

“hey..” Tammy whispered. Unwittingly, deliberately, he couldn’t tell, in the most seductive manner. “don’t be like this tom…”

“like what?” tom whispered back, rubbing her cl!toris softly, playing with her nectar.

“you cant do this. Im your friend’s wife, remember?” she whispered, gasping for air.

“But I can’t control myself. I want you so badly. Every part of me. I tried.” He whispered smelling her hair, caressing her b00bs with the other hand. “oh no. your b00bs. They are so soft.”

Tammy gave an obligatory pretence of decency, and tried pulling away from him. But of course tom pulled her back.“no don’t go tammy. I love you.”

“no. this is not right. Its not love, anyhow.” “even if its not, I want you tammy. Ah .. your body is really tasty.” And with this he played with her cl!toris most tenderly and she moooaned.

“ah…. Ahh.. this is not fair to chucky. How am I going to face him?” She moooaned.

“We don’t have to tell.” Tom whimpered, pressing his face hard into her hair, breathing it.

“But… when he comes back, he’ll feel it if I’m not as tight as I should be..”

Not as tight. Everything she says is so inviting. Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He is so in love with her now.

“But we can’t control ourselves right?” saying so, Tom moved on top of her, and tried to french her.

“No Tom, don’t, please, Tommy.” She appeared to be struggling. But Tom used a little force. Licked her lips. Rubbed her cl!toris even faster and more passionately. She moooaned. And then, reluctantly, or deliberately, she opened her mouth, and her tongue accepted Tom’s, even if its just momentarily. For a few seconds she was uncontrollable. And Tom had the french kiss of his life time. Such talented fondling of the tongue. Such brilliance. She s#cked his lips, tongued him, and then s#cked his lips again.

Then she turned her face away, saying “no, Tom, you are really bad. We really can’t do this. I’m your friend’s wife.”

“We can’t. but you want me, don’t you? You want me inside of you don’t you? We are feeling so good together, are we not?”then she held his hand and pressed it more firmly against her pu55y. She’s not going to pretend anymore. She wants and needs a man now. A new man she never done it with before. This, to her, is what life should. Unrestraint by marriage. Freedom to taste, freedom to feel, freedom to use her body to its full potential to appreciate every one of god’s creation.

Her eyes were closed and her body wriggled along with Tom’s caress, savoring the mixed sensation of heat and sweetness. She felt some guilt, of course, but in fact it is this mildly stinging feeling of guilt that makes the electrical pulses even more powerful. her body is so passionate now that she wants the entire body of this man inside her, tearing her apart.

“Yes…..This feels so good”. Then her other hand reached for tom’s d!ck, and as expected it was wet, so wet that it soaked his shorts.

Her tee was loose and halfway off her. Her tender b00bs pressed against tom’s chest. And she put her hand in his shorts and stroked his d!ck.

Tom pulled her tee off her. And omg her n!pples were pink. Incredibly beautiful, like they were drawn on by a hentai master. And they kissed. They made love.

At the end… tammy said. “tom,.. spray it in me. Please. Spray it in me!” tom hesitated, but couldn’t control himself, and accepted the offer. It was satisfying. And they enjoyed every bit of it.

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