Chaos as small house moves in,chases senior wife out


A CHEEKY girlfriend caused a stir in the suburb of New Magwegwe when she stormed her married boyfriend’s house and demanded that his wife move out before setting property on fire.

Trouble started brewing in their marriage when Vincent Dube started dating a Mzilikazi-based “small house”, Nomaqhawe Moyo.

According to neighbours privy to the unholy relationship, Dube would desert his matrimonial home for weeks to cohabit with Moyo.


As if dating a married man was not enough, Moyo decided to take the affair to another level by moving in with Dube in New Magwegwe, kicking out his wife in the process.

But Dube’s wife, Adelaide Tshuma would have none of it.

“Two weeks ago my husband’s girlfriend came into my home and demanded that I move out. She claimed that all the property belonged to her since she was dating my husband,” said Tshuma.

According to Tshuma, while the small house was shouting obscenities, her husband watched.

“She started to assault me demanding that I leave the house. When I retaliated my husband also started assaulting me. Fearing for my life I ran out of the house and proceeded to report to the police,” said Tshuma.

Realising that he could end up locked up in a police cell, Dube desperately tried to convince his wife not to make a police report.

“On my way to the police station he tried to convince me not to report him and his girlfriend for the assault but I refused,” she said.

Back at their matrimonial home, the small house, who had remained behind, had other plans.

She allegedly torched a bed and other household furniture using a burning log.

The bickering couple (ABOVE), who were still at the police station, were only made aware by alert neighbours that their home was on fire.

“When I went back home from the police station I discovered all the property in the bedroom had been burnt to ashes. If it was not for my neighbours who phoned the fire brigade, the whole house could have caught fire,” said Tshuma.

A neighbour told this publication that the affair between Dube and his small house was an open secret in the community.

“That man no longer takes care of his family as he spends all his money and time with his girlfriend. The family sometimes goes for days without electricity. The day he started fighting with his wife we had to call the fire brigade to put out fire that had engulfed their bedroom,” said the neighbour who requested anonymity.

The man entangled in the love triangle wanted nothing to do with B-Metro when contacted for comment.

“What has my personal life got to do with you people? I don’t know how you are getting involved because it has nothing to do with you,” shouted Dube.

The couple seems to have patched their marriage as they are reportedly back together at their matrimonial home.

Efforts to reach the small house hit a snag as she was said to have no cellphone.

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