Chaos at Whizkid show as Nigerian superstar refuses to perform


There was chaos at Old Hararians in Harare after Nigerian star, Wizkid refused to perform.

Wizkid and all other performers were not paid and all hell broke loose. On a rainy day, the paltry crowd waited and waited until patience ran out. Several local acts, among them, Cynthia Mare, Mzoe7, Cal_Vin and Jr. Brown did their bit, warming the stage for Wizkid until 1a.m.

The restless crowd then threw bottles at the stage in anger. Apart from not being part, Wizkid refused to play in front of a small crowd. The marketing of the event was poor as it was an outdoor event in the rainy season with no tents having been provided.


Fans slammed Wizkid for being arrogant, saying he should have least shown up at the venue. But he remained holed up in a hotel.

Misred who was the MC is fuming : “It’s either these international ‘ heavyweights ‘ perform for 30 minutes to an hour or do not show face at all.. Wizkid jetted into Zimbabwe but never performed.. It was rainy …and so muddy ..and the general ticket was $20…now you can do the mathematics for yourself… I am not going to get into depth because i’m tired and sick because of the rain.. even though i was in the ” VIP ” . the math again..”

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