Cheat and brag wife murdered’


A Midlands State University (MSU) Lecturer was allegedly brutally stabbed to death by her husband after she bragged about an extra-marital affair she was having as revenge for her husband’s infidelity

Netsai Ncube, 48, from the department of Agriculture, Livestock and Wildlife Management at the university died in hospital on Saturday after her husband, Fred Nyamhanga Shavi, 63, an Education Inspector with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, viciously stabbed her, leaving her for dead at the couple’s house in Southdowns suburb in Gweru.

Ncube died at Gweru Provincial hospital at around 2.30PM. Sources close to investigations alleged that Shavi had hired hitmen to kill his wife’s alleged boyfriend and bring him the man’s eyes as proof that he was dead



The assassins allegedly slaughtered a goat and brought its eyes instead before making a police report. After allegedly stabbing his wife, Shavi fled to his rural home in Sanyati where he told relatives that he wanted to commit suicide.

Police arrested him in Sanyati yesterday. A woman who said she was Ncube’s sister declined to speak to The Chronicle, saying her father who was away, was the family’ spokesperson.

Deputy Officer Commanding Gweru District, Superintendent Elias Chivandire said Shavi might have had a misunderstanding with his wife on Friday night before he attacked her with an unknown sharp object the following morning.

He said police investigations were underway. “I can confirm that we’re investigating a murder case where a 63-year-old male from Southdowns low density suburb is suspected to have killed his wife by stabbing her with a sharp object in the head.

“It’s suspected that the man might have attacked his wife in the early hours of Saturday before he called his nephew Xmas Mutero of Msasa Park in Kwekwe and told him to go and check on his wife because he had attacked her.

“He also threatened to commit suicide,” said Supt Chivandire. Mutero, Supt Chivandire said, proceeded to the house where he found the gates and doors locked but forced open both the gate and door and found the now deceased groaning in pain while bleeding profusely.

He then contacted the Gweru Fire Brigade who provided an ambulance to ferry the now deceased to Gweru Provincial Hospital. Supt Chivandire said Mutero, however, did not report the matter to police but informed the now deceased’s son who then informed other relatives.

“The relatives then reported the matter at Senga Police Station,” he said. Supt Chivandire said after committing the crime Shavi fled to his rural home in Sanyati.

Gweru Provincial Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Fabian Mashingaidze confirmed that Ncube died at the hospital while waiting to be transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. Shavi allegedly told investigators that he had for a long time been fighting with his wife over infidelity issues.

A source close to the couple said Shavi once had sex with a girlfriend while his wife watched.

“Their marriage was on the rocks. Shavi brought a girlfriend home and had sex with her while the wife watched. The wife sought revenge by also having an extramarital affair and she told her husband about it. This must have angered Shavi,” said the source.

“Shavi hired people to kill his wife’s boyfriend and demanded the man’s eyes as proof. However the hired assassins slaughtered a goat and brought the eyes as proof.” The source said Shavi then murdered his wife. “Shavi wanted to kill both his wife and her boyfriend,” said the source. The Chronicle


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