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Chief banishes promiscuous woman from his village


CHIEF Ndiweni from Ntabazinduna has defended his traditional court ruling of banishing from the village a woman who was caught by her husband engaging in s-e-x with another villager saying ‘pr0stitution’ will not be tolerated in his area.

This follows last Friday’s demonstrations by suspected Zanu-PF supporters who protested at his home accusing him of dividing people and interfering in politics.

Chief Ndiweni said the protesters were incensed by a ruling he had made in his traditional court. He accused the area MP Dr Obert Mpofu of funding the demonstrations.


“The bone of contention is the judgement I gave in the rural area. The judgement was regarding a man who came here to complain about his wife. The wife was being promiscuous within Ntabazinduna. The man caught his wife in the act with his neighbour Mr Ngwenya,” said Chief Ndiweni.

“In dealing with the matter we fined Mr Ngwenya (the man who was caught engaging in sex with the woman) $500 and also said the wife should be taken back to her people to counsel her and in good time if the husband wants her back they can have a re-union.”

He said his decision angered the local Zanu-PF Women’s League members as the cheating woman was their colleague.



Chief Ndiweni however, stood his ground saying his traditional court will not accept immorality.

“If I reverse that decision I will be hurting her (alleged promiscuous woman) and the other woman who is Mr Ngwenya’s wife. When it comes to a moral issue there will be absolutely no change from my side and my traditional leaders. We will not tolerate promiscuity in Ntabazinduna. We will not be the ones to legalise prostitution in Ntabazinduna,” said Chief Ndiweni.

He rubbished claims that he was participating in political activities saying the demonstrators were funded by Dr Mpofu to cause commotion at his home.

“The local people tell me that a rented mob from Nyamandlovu was sent by Obert Mpofu to Ntabazinduna to do what they did today,” said Chief Ndiweni while refuting claims that he was politically involved.

“I’ve never entered politics. They are the ones who have been trying to drag me into politics ever since I came in 2014. It’s been a long game of theirs of trying to get me into politics. But my job description doesn’t allow me to go into politics.”

Cde Mpofu could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone.

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