Chigwedere witchcraft trial thrown out of court


Former Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere, who had been taken to court by his son, Mangwiza, over allegations of practicing witchcraft, yesterday walked out of the Marondera Civil Courts a free man after the matter was rejected again on the basis of jurisdiction.

Presiding magistrate Shane Kubonera dismissed the case, saying it was more of a spiritual than a civil matter.

“This court, sitting as a customary law court, is not empowered by the Magistrates Court Act to preside and grant/dismiss the relief sought…the relief sought is premised more in the spiritual realm, a realm which court cannot even tap into,” the magistrate said.


“Thus, the order being sought by plaintiff cannot be enforced by this court…

Aeneas Chigwedere

Chigwedere, through his lawyer, had argued that the courts had no jurisdiction to handle such cases and requested it should be heard before a traditional court.

This is the second time the lawsuit has been rejected by the civil courts.

Initially, Mangwiza filed the lawsuit in Harare, but presiding magistrate Brighton Pabwe rejected the lawsuit and ordered both parties to have the matter settled in Marondera, where they both reside.

Mangwiza then approached the courts late last year accusing Chigwedere of practicing witchcraft, claiming he had goblins that were terrorising other family members.

Chigwedere was being sued together with his wife, Emilia Zharare, who is Mangwiza’s stepmother

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