Chihure muJoburg Part 3 – kusvirwa naMinister


Ndakasiya achitundira kumeso kwangu and he looked at me like i was a female goddess Cleopatra or something…. I stood and went and took a shower… changed back into my clothes and came back into the office. There was an envelope on his desk and he handed it to me… I didn’t want to seem like an amateur so i put the envelope in my folder and zipped it up…  I asked him if he can call a taxi for me but he told me his driver would take me home… So i left… I was in the back of the car when i opened the envelope and counted the money… It was ll R200 notes and it was R4000 in total… I was shocked and happy at the same time… I just made all much in an hour….. Read Part 2 first and Part 3 starts here.

I was doing my shopping hangu in Checkers and i heard a buzz from my phone. I knew what it was as i had set a specific tone of website notifications from clients who wanted to hook up. I opened the message and it read: “Hi Jocy i am looking for a professional lady to entertain me and keep me company on my trip to Cape Town. Come to the Radisson Blu and if interested, ooh yeah Mr Dube recommended you to me” I knew Mr Dube was my last client in Sandton who paid me R4000 for an afternoon’s work so i knew this man would be loaded.

I dressed sexxy and elegant and thanks to Zando i was wearing these nice heels i bought online. I even had a handbag to match i think Bamkuru bought this one from Spree i just received it when the delivery guys called to say they were by the door. I called a cab from Dial a Cab and the guys were quick to respond. The nice driver took me Sandton at Radisson Blu and even opened the door for me. He was even extra nice i think he wanted me to call them again. According to how he handled me as a client i got his card and said i would call again whenever i wanted a cab.


I got to the room and it was in 8th floor and i got to the door and thought i was lost when i saw men in black suits at the door. They looked like bodyguards and soon i understood why. The man i was meeting was a Minister in the South African Government. He hugged me when i got in and handed me a glass of wine. mmmm i said as i had a sip of the wine. Tasted expensive and he told me to get a seat. He spoke and told me how he wanted me to accompany him to the Cape and back. He said he would make it worth my while and i wondered how much i was gonna make this time. So i asked him how many days i would be away for and he smiled and said 7 Days. I acted like i was thinking and told him i would 2000 rand per day. He smiled or rather he giggled and said done deal.

Next thing is we are on a plane and in about 2 and half hours we were at Cape Town airport. Black Jeeps came and escorted us to a fancy hotel and it looked all cosy and expensive. i sent my Bamkuru a message telling him where i was and who i was with. I didn’t tell him who the minister was. He said keep safe and sent a smiling emoji… Minister told me to stay put as he went to his meeting and i entertained myself with room service and movies. he came back around lunch and when he got in i excused myself and went to the bedroom. I came back ndisina kana hembe holding a cold glass of juicy and gave him. He smiled when he looked at me. I hit the remote and put on Trace Urban and music was playing. I pushed Mr Minister on the couch and told him to relax.

Ndakavabvisa jacket and loosened his tie. He smiled hake when i got on his lap guess what came next. I gave the Minister my best Lap dance thanks to Nicki Minaj video on DStv. He looked relaxed now and was playing hanzy. I told him to just sit there and not do anything so he put his hands away. Ndakavhura zip yavo ndokuburitsa mboro panze and i kept giving the lapdance. Mboro yanga yakamira mudenga like a flag pole zvekuti when i was dancing beche rangu raitamba richiita kunge richamedza musoro wemboro wese mukati. But i was a clever girl so i moved to the table drawer ndokutora condom. Ndakapfekedza minister and continued with the lapdance. Ndakamedza mboro yese while i dance slowly to the music and i heard the old groning. Ndakatambisa beche nechiuno kusvika murume oyuwira.

Ndakamover back and forth kusvika beche rangu rakusveta mboro yake. Murume akatunda with a loud noise and ndakaramba ndichisvira chete. He pulled me close to him and said “thanks i needed that”. I smiled and cleaned up. We sat there watching the big screen tv. It was fun dealing with this man cause next thing i knew he was sleeping. Even snoring loudly. So i went back to TV and started dancing learning some dancing moves. I like the Future video featuring Blac Chyna. He woke up kuma 5 and ndakamusvirisa futi and this time he was in control. He knew what he wanted and this time it was my turn kunakirwa. Ndakambofunga kuti pamwe he took some pills coz this time ndakasvira. He smiled after and said, “you thought i would let u have all the fun right?

kusvirwa nemurungu

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