Chihure muJoburg Part 2 – My first client in Sandton


Chihure muJoburg Part 2 – My first client in Sandton… My Bamkuru was so helpful he took me for some more shopping and bought me a nice bed and i promised i would pay it back but he said he was doing me a favour and i will pay him back in kind. So much to say he was the first person kundisvira panew bed. He was not gentle he was like a man possessed and he seemed like he had a point to prove. When i asked him later he said… “that comes with the job” I understood what he meant, he was training me for the months to come…. Read Part 1 first… 

My business was up and running now. Bamkuru even set up a website for me telling me that to get exclusive clients i needed to act like the class. So i got my first website hit and it was a businessman from Sandton. According to him he wanted someone new and someone who was able to travel to Sandton secretly. And so i went with a taxi dressed like a total business lady going to an interview or business meeting. I even had a folder i was holding. The interesting part about this man was that he wanted the meeting in his office during lunch hour. I arrived and told the secretary the name of the man i wanted to see and she showed me to the office. It was those offices that have a couch and a bathroom in there. I checked it out it i could swear it was bigger than my room or rather the whole flat we stayed in.

When he saw me he smiled and he came over to me and said… “you looked amazing and you played the part well” I smiled back and asked for permission to use his bathroom before we could start. I went in and came back… That is when she even smiled some more… I changed from the office lady to the office S-L-U-T. I even had glasses to match. My skirt was very short ichiperera pamagaro apa. I had on high heels 8 inches high. He saw me and told me to dance around for him and i did gladly. I felt confident and powerful… The man was a big boss but he seemed to be smitten by me a form 4 girl… Infact handina kutombotora maresults acho eForm 4 but here i was.


Ndakatamba for a bit until he told me to come closer. I went to him and he cleared his desk. Akanditi ndibate desk and anga arikumashure kwangu… Ndakaburitsa condom and gave him.. He looked like he was thinking for a bit and then took it… Akapfeka condom riya and ndokuisa mboro iya mukati mangu. He gave me a warning akati “kana ndine condom i am sorry to say handitunde anytime soon…” Akatanga kusvira and for real he kept up the speed for more than 25 mins. I don’t remember kuti ndakatunda kangani but i enjoyed every moment. I even screamed for a bit but i think the office had sound proofing because i am sure people would have heard me.

Chihure muJoburg

He stopped breathing heavily and thought kuti pamwe atunda. but ndakaona mboro iya ndikaona yakamira nehasha… I had a plan i sat him down on the chair ndokutora mboro iya ndokuisa mukanwamangu… Ndakayamwa mboro iya kusvika mdara atunda. Ndakasiya achitundira kumeso kwangu and he looked at me like i was a female goddess Cleopatra or something…. I sttod and went and took a shower… changed back into my clothes and came back into the office. There was an envelope on his desk and he handed it to me… I didn’t want to seem like an amateur so i put the envelope in my folder and zipped it up…  I asked him if he can call a taxi for me but he told me his driver would take me home… So i left… I was in the back of the car when i opened the envelope and counted the money… It was ll R200 notes and it was R4000 in total… I was shocked and happy at the same time… I just made all much in an hour…

He called me asking if i got home ok and i thanked him. He said he would call me again and would definitely recommend me to some of his friends. He even made a permanent booking of every Wednesday at 1PM….

To be continued… Chihure muJoburg Part 3 – kusvirwa naMinister

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