Chinhoyi Prophet Tichaona Jembere EXPOSED!!!


A self-proclaimed Chinhoyi prophet -Tichaona Jembere is said to be proposing love to a string of married women.These women come to him seeking ‘prophetic’ help and he decides to help them s.exualy as well.

The so called prophet operates from his home or would be clients arrange for them to meet.

For clients wanting to bless him ‘the man of god’ demands clothes to be bought for him only at Edgars and cash upfront for prayers.


One of his victims said: “He is too full of himself, he is after money and not helping people.

“He demands $5 upfront if you need a prayer whilst you are in South Africa.

“When he prays for you he puts on a green garment and speaks in tongues that no one can interpret”.

Added another victim: “He makes arrangements over the phone and operates like ‘Tsikamutanda'(witch hunter) and he also exorcises spirits.”

“He wears fancy clothes, strong perfumes and owns big phones”.

He is said to have gained notoriety for proposing to married women when they were seeking his services.

To expose the so-called ‘prophet’ H metro called the prophet pretending to be seeking help and he directed them to where he operates from.

He told H metro that he operates from home and stated that he had no fixed charges.

“Pamari tinotaurirana hedu asi handidhuri hangu,ndinowanzobatsira vanhu vanobva kure chero vekuHarare.

“Zvinoenderana kuti dambudziko rako nderei,” he said.

However when H metro reporters later revealed their identities ,he changed his goal post and even offered to let one of clients (he had helped) speak so as to clear his name.

He disputed the money issue and said he did not have clothes from Edgars shop.

Source-H metro