Chiyangwa’s Daughter Lashes Out At Mugabe’s Regime


Businessman Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Vanessa, has again lashed out at President Mugabe’s regime saying it had ruined what was built by white people.

“White people should have been left alone! They made Zim what it was! We grabbed farms and property from them now look. Vakatora, did you even have any knowledge of farming or you were just sooooo itchy to take land because your ancestors were dumb enough to trade our gold for sugar, why take something from someone and have ZERO education about it,” she ranted.

She added : “Within a span of 16 years it’s gone from “bread basket of the world” to pathetic!
Let me tell you something- every single person who was born in Zim loves Zim, but it’s done- you’ve killed our country, our nations people are suffering




There’s so much donating food and clothes I can do. I can’t change my country on my own. look at our produce, our Infrastructure, our shops our lives!!!! Honestly! what have we done.”

She then posted a video of what Zimbabwe was like back in the day. “ What a wonder Zimbabwe was.. With so many questions as the narrator said. Wonder if he had any idea that we’d change our countries name from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe or the currency changing nine times nine times, seriously country!! When I’m in SA I literally want to cry when I fly back to Zim.”

Some said her Facebook was hacked but she did not say so. She is in South Africa at present promoting her products.

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