Chiyangwa’s daughter throws ice cream at Kombi Driver


Businessman Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Vanessa, has spoken of her disgust following an encounter with a kombi in Harare.


She said : “I came nice nice from a great date night at the movies with hubby then this idiot kombi driver cuts us by a robot and just stops to pick up someone. Apa whindhi kungo buditsa karwoko- nika that ain’t no indicator nor does that allow you to park wherever you feel like parking! I just paid $5.6K for service now you wanna bash into me for 5 Rands.


Well I took my large unfinished slush and opened my window and threw it at him, lets just say, handisati ndambonzwa mota yangu ichiita noise yekumhanya sezvayaita takutiza. He deserved it stupid.

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