Chris Nyemba’s wife speaks out after Jah Prayzah’s brutal graveyard saga


FOLLOWING events of Jah Prayzah’s graveyard attack at the burial of his late bouncer Crispen Nyemba, H-Metro’s Takawira ‘Photovet’ Dapi spoke to Nyemba’s widow Melta at her Budiriro home after a flurry of allegations and counter allegations about the accident and the reasons behind the attack.

In the wide ranging interview, which H-Metro has on video, Melta clears the air on the accident with regards to who was in the car at the time of the accident.

She reveals the five people that were in the car on the 29th of October when her husband Chris died as Crispen Nyemba, his friend Kate, Nomore Dovi, her sister Faith and a lady whose identity she was not sure of.


This lady, who also died on the spot with Chris, was subject of much speculation but Melta said she was Dovi’s friend and he had asked Chris to give her a ride on their way from HICC where they had attended Tarrus Riley’s show.

Melta says she cannot clear her husband as a saint but emphasised that he was a good husband who respected her as she did him.

They never had issues regarding affairs – if he had any.

Crispen Nyemba

On why Jah Prayzah was attacked, Melta says she does not know and was only surprised when people started shouting that he was under attack at the graveyard.

“Jah has a good relationship with my husband and they used to text a lot and I was even surprised when he was a little late for the burial. But I do not know why he was attacked,” she says.

Melta blasted people who spread rumours that her late husband had not joined a funeral policy that is why people expected Jah Prayzah to assist with the burial.

She says her husband was covered by Moonlight policy and everything was covered although some people like Sadomba, Eddie Mboma Nyatanga and Prophet Magaya helped willingly.

Nyemba’s widow said she does not know if her late husband was owed money by Jah Prayzah but said she once heard him talking about a balance that he left after separating with Jah.

She says her husband left because some of the payments from Jah Prayzah did not come on time and it used to disturb his plans.

However, she insisted that they separated on good grounds and used to text each other often before her husband’s death.

She reveals that Jah Prayzah did not pay a cent of condolence money but insisted that her family never expected him to make a monetary contribution and never asked him for anything.

Source-H Metro

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