Civil servants forced to sign anti-stayaway forms


A panicky Zanu PF government is reportedly forcing civil servants to sign forms proclaiming that they will not participate in future job action, according to new reports.

Civil servants divulged to the local independent media that they were recently forced to sign the forms under the close supervision of their superiors who warned against taking pictures of the documents.

The move by government comes a week after civil servants heeded a stayaway call by their representatives over repeated low salaries.



Government is also said to have taken intimidation of civil servants further on Monday by making them fill in a questionnaire on bond notes that it said would be introduced soon to beat a biting cash shortage but is seen as a backdoor plan to re-introduce the disused local currency abandoned in early 2009.

Government employees wondered why they were being made to complete the questionnaires now as their employer had already decided on the bond notes.

Civil servants’ representative body, the Apex Council president, Cecilia Alexander, described the tactics being used by government as intimidating.

“Yes there were civil servants who had their salaries withdrawn following the job action last week, and it’s everyone who took part in the job action who was affected, but this has since been rectified following submissions made by Apex Council at a meeting on Monday,” she said.

“The signing of forms was now also part of the victimisation and intimidation, but it is now water under the bridge following the development to redress the situation,” said Alexander.

The Apex Council and its health services counterpart have accused civil service inspectors of harassing government employees in the wake of the recent stayaway.

“The Apex Council and Health Apex Council take exception to reports of harassment and intimidation of members by so-called civil service Inspectors, with some among our leadership having reported of being followed by suspicious elements,” said the two bodies in a joint statement

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