Company pays $160 BONUS to employees for Kissing a CROCODILE


Company pays $160 to employees for Kissing a CROCODILE. A company selling health and beauty products in China, launched a recruitment campaign by offering a $160 bonus to potential employees who agree to kiss a crocodile.

The company in Guangdong, announced the campaign earlier this week, and so far, it has received responses from hundreds of people who are willing to work for them.

Kissing crocodile


The company sells health and beauty products made of crocodiles.

The director of the company responsible for hiring new employees told the job seekers that they had to kiss the crocodile in order to be considered for the sales position.

He said that he wants to test the courage of his future employees. Those willing to lock lips with the crocodile also earned a bonus of 1,000 yuan ($160).