Cop divorces wife after she starved him of se_x for four months


FOUR months and no se_x is a deal breaker!

That is according to a Bulawayo based cop seeking divorce because his wife allegedly slapped him with a four-month se_x embargo.

Emmanuel Chimbo,based at Hillside Police Station,said he went through a dry spell in his bedroom when his wife Portia Nkomo reduced their intimate relationship to that of “a sister and brother.”


According to him,since January this year,he has not been intimate with his wife.He narrated his bedroom woes at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his wife sought a protection order against him claiming he was physically and verbally abusing her.

Nkomo claimed her husband constantly beat her and accused her of infidelity.

“I am legally married to Emmanuel Chimbo.We have two children together.He has since become violent and is always insulting and beating me.The latest incident was on 21 March when he accused me of having a boyfriend.

He destroyed our household property including a television set and a home theatre system before smashing our car windows.He is also in the habit of bringing his girlfriends into the house and by doing this he is emotionally abusing me,”she said.

In response,Chimbo said he was the one being abused and must be the one seeking the court’s help.

“There is no need for her to seek or apply for a protection order because she is the one who is abusing me.I think the best way is for us to divorce because I am living like a bachelor.Just imagine since January this year I haven’t had se_x with her?

“She is now hiding the marriage certificate because she is opposed to the divorce.I want a divorce so that I can move on with my life.She is also in the habit of engaging with her relatives to preside over our private issues,”charged Chimbo.

Nkomo admitted that she was se_xually starving her husband,after he indicated to her that he was no longer interested in her.

Chimbo was,however,ordered by the presiding magistrate,Sheunesu Matova not to emotionally,verbally and physically abuse the applicant.

Source-B metro

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