Cops hunt for flag pastor Evan Mawarire’


I went to Harare Central Police Station this morning around 11am to give our incarcerated colleague food in the company of Shadreck Dhliwayo.

As we were making our way out of the CID department, four senior
detectives including the officer commanding CID Harare province asked me to join them in one of the offices. I went in with Shadreck. They told
me that they were actually looking for me and Evan Mawarire in connection with yesterday’s stay away and the one being planned for next week. After a few minutes, they dismissed Shadreck.





I was asked several nonsensical questions before I was moved to another
office to wait for them. I waited for about an hour and eventually decided to leave. I told myself that if they wanted me, they would call.

As I made my way out of Central Police Station, three other detectives stopped me and they asked me to follow them back into the building. I was interviewed again by Detective Assistant Inspector Njanike and Detective Constable Mutamba. They pretty much asked me the same nonsensical questions regarding yesterday’s stay away and the one planned for next week.

They said that Evan Mawarire, Tajamuka guys and myself were the chief culprits who are inciting people to demonstrate against the government. They are pathetic and not sure how they can deal with the angry citizens. Patson Dzamara.

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