Cops ‘hunt’ for Tajamuka leader


The leader of Tajamuka, Promise Mkwananzi says cops are hunting for him.

He said :”Police have issued a communique on all borders and airports for my arrest.
Pray for me and all those who are being persecuted. Lets not be
silenced. Lets increase our citizens voice.The bells of freedom ring.”





Mkwananzi also clarified that This Flag and Tajamuka “were not, have never and will never be in competition. We are fighting
the same cause and for the same end. We have different strengths which I think we can maximise on.

Pastor Evan Mawarire is a great man of God and we offered him our utmost support and solidarity when he was arrested and he offered me the same. We are with him as he carries out work outside the country and yes we are all worried about his safety and that of many others on the spotlight. We have met several times to find synergies on how to work together effectively. I thought I should clarify this.”


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