Cops must be charged for wrongly arresting Mawarire – Lawyer


A Bulawayo based lawyer Byron Sengweni has said the police officers who arrested Pastor Evan Mawarire and charged him in a controversial manner should be charged under the police Act for omitting or neglecting to perform any duty in a proper manner.

The remarks came after Mawarire was released by the courts and all charges were dropped after the lawyers constested his arrest and charge of subversion which they suddenly put on him at the courts yet they had not earlier on communicated that charge to him during his arrest.
Sengweni said here is a charge that can stand any test.



All the cops involved in the Mawarire case must be charged the Police Act, in particular paragraph 34 of the schedule offences that is “Ommiting or neglecting to perform any duty in a proper manner” in that they charged an innocent man well knowing he had committed no offense,” he said.

“Alternatively, a paragraph 31 of the schedule of offences that is “Knowingly making a false entry in any official book, diary, or document” in that on or about the 10th of July 2016, the Defaulter being a member of the force made false entries in Mawarire’ docket.”

Mawarire’s arrest came after the successful national shut down of July 6 which he allegedly mobilized.


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