Criminal mauled to death by dogs at house he was trying to rob


A suspected criminal trying to gain entry to a house in Lotus River, Cape Town died after he was mauled by two dogs, police said on Wednesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said the 37-year-old man was admitted to hospital where he died.

In the footage, which was circulated on social media and originally published on a Facebook page called Police Pics and Clips, the dogs ripped into the man and mauled him while bystanders tried to chase them away.


The breed of the dogs is not known.

The bystanders used rocks and sticks in an attempt to keep the dogs at bay.

“A death inquest case docket has been registered and is being investigated,” Traut said.

One of the dogs was shot during the ordeal, apparently by a bystander.

Police could not provide further details.

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