Dave Emberton’s wife speaks out-family and friends are making my life hard because of my skin colour


Melody Kumora, wife of former newscaster Dave Emberton has lamented that his friends and family are making their lives hell; because of her skin colour

She told Showbiz Friday that her husband’s friends and his sister in the United Kingdom were giving the public a wrong impression about the situation because they do not like her.

Melody 32 who has since dropped out of college to take care of her 68 year old husband says at one time Dave went to the United Kingdom but ended up defaulting on medication because he had no one to take care of him.


“He almost lost his arm because he had defaulted on his diabetes medication. Now he does not want to go to the United Kingdom without me. The last time he was there the sister made it clear she could not take care of him and kept sending me messages to send him money so that he could come back home,” said Melody.

“Now some of his friends are telling me to sell the house here in Greendale because they do not like me. I do not know what they want me to do. We are not asking for their help only that my husband needs help.”

She said the social services in the United Kingdom have said they can help him but Dave refused to leave his wife.

Melody said unlike the notion that she was a gold digger and that they were struggling to make ends meet they were living normally except for her husband’s illness.

She however said she had received a call from the British Embassy where she hopes to get a visa after multiple failed attempts.

Melody said Econet wireless social services department had also paid them a visit and were trying to assist.



Facebook posts were circulating Friday from one Jenny Burgoyne who claimed to be a sister in law to Dave’s sister portraying Melody as a gold digger and advising the public to stop sending funds to her.

Dave however said he did not know Burgoyne and said they were not receiving money from anyone.

“I only have one sister and I do not know Jenny. Melody and I are very simple people and we are not receiving money from anyone so I do not know what they are talking about,” said Dave.

Melody and Dave wedded in April this year having been together five years but she says his friends have been labeling him a gold digger.

Multichoice Zimbabwe, Dave’s most immediate employer has reportedly offered air tickets if she gets a visa to the UK while social services will take care of their accommodation since Dave has a British passport.

“Strive Masiyiwa has sent Econet staff with food but even before that we had food. I do not need their money. I do not want any money from anyone that is why I refused to be in the video that was posted by Spar because I knew people would have absurd opinions. I only stopped school and working because my husband needs help,” she said.

Dave suffers from mild dementia and has been offered assistance by the UK Social services since he has a British passport but has remained stuck because his wife, Zimbabwean has repeatedly been denied a visa.

His sister Olive Jackson refuted claims that she did not like Melody saying it was unfair for anyone to hate anyone because of their skin colour.

“There are so many black people that are good; there are also so many black people that are bad. Similarly there are also many white people that are good and some that are bad so it is really unfair to judge anyone using their skin colour. I have never met Melody and only know her as my brother’s wife and what he says about her,” she said.

She said she was unable to assist Melody secure a visa because her husband was ill and would be flying from South Africa this week so she would not be able to accommodate them in her one bed-roomed flat.

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