Dead Man REFUSES to be BURIED Demanding 16 Cattle


A Bikita dead man could not be buried until his “demands” for 16 cattle to be given to his children were met.

Mourners in Nerumedzo Village in Bikita saw first-hand the power of the dead when Esrom Magadzi’s corpse was kept at home for a week as people failed to lift the coffin and take it to it’s final resting place.

It is reported that the now deceased Esrom Magadzi died under unclear circumstances and until things were done right, he was not going to be buried.


The Magadzi family was then forced to spend a week with the corpse in the house as they tried to get to the bottom of the matter by consulting prophets.

His children confirmed that they had challenges in burying their father.

“It’s true that we stayed for days before taking our father to his resting place. That is all we can say and this is not a public issue,” said one family member who refused to identify himself.

Since the family was helped by Prophet Eddie Chipoperwa, the news crew tracked him down and he opened up on the issue.

“We are in this village to help people. It is true that I helped the Magadzi family when they were failing to bury their father. There were some relatives who had a hand in Magadzi’s death and therefore his spirit needed appeasement before burial. When they approached me about the issue, I told the whole family what had transpired and that the only way to appease the dead man was giving his children 16 cattle,” said Prophet Chipoperwa.

It is reported that the relatives ran around and managed to buy the needed cattle. A ritual was then help before burial.

“After the ritual, it was as if all were lies that people had failed to lift the corpse for a week. Magadzi was then finally taken to his resting place,” he added.

The villagers revealed that Magadzi’s issue was strange and proved the existance of power of the dead.