Did Stunner make the right choice


At 35, Stunner has decided to settle down,found a family and be husband to Olinda Chapel, having parted with some cattle and $16000 the rapper’s mind is made up.

Olinda Chapel is the chosen one.

Let us take a look at who possibly could have been Mrs. Tazzoita Cash, Mrs. Shark or Mrs. Dziva.



The sex tape leak will forever haunt the hip hop star as it almost put a cap on what was a flourishing career at that moment with several endorsement deals cancelled.

Stunner had mad love for Pokello in fact they both did,but his co-star would dump him in the  most embarrassing of ways, Live on Satelite Television to an African audience.

In 2013 ,Pokello contested in the Big Brother Africa where she fell for Ghanian designer and fellow contestant Elikem.

On why she dumped stunner, she said Elikem was a ‘better man.’

Stunner and Pokello could have been our poster couple, but they probably had matching egos, both thrived on attention and the competition could have rocked the marriage,had it happened.

Pokello is now married and possibly a mother again after revealing pictures of what are believed to be of her new baby.


Barely three months after being dumped by Pokello, Stunner had scooped another beauty, this time, a model by the name Melissa Moyo.

By that time Melissa was the reigning Miss Gweru and had recently broken up with footballer Achford Gutu.

Although the two tried to have a clandestine affair with Stunner initially claiming that Melissa was signed up to his record label and that their relationship was purely ‘professional’

At the end they bowed to pressure and admitted that there were romantically involved.

Details of their break up are still unclear,in fact when stunner announced his engagment on Instagram,many thought it was to Melissa.

Olinda Chapel – The Chosen One

The relationship between the two was probably the best-kept secret in Zimbabwe’s entertainment scene, first, we were only introduced to her fingers wearing that engagement ring.

And eventually,around Valentine’s Day, we finally met the whole person,plus the diamond-decorated finger.


Said stunner:
“There are two births,the one when light first strikes the new awakened sense.

“The other when two souls unite and we must count our life from thence.

“When you loved me and I loved you,then both of us were born anew.

“Happy Valentine’s my love Itirwai Nyasha Happy Valentines day.”


There are many theories flying around about the origin(s) of their relationship but the position is that we are yet to know much about Olinda, other that she stays in the UK and her ring was bought at the expensive Beaverbrooks, a British jeweller.

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