DJ Flevah speaks on controversial Whatsapp Chat


Renowned Disc Jockey, Dj Flevah of Judgement Yard has disowned a WhatsApp screen shot showing a chat in which the DJ allegedly insults a fan requesting to have one of his favourite songs played.

The WhatsApp chat has since been doing rounds on social media and received a mixed reception online.

In a Facebook update uploaded 27 minutes ago; the trendy Dj disclaimed the chat as not his creation and part of a scam to tarnish his image.


“Following claims of a WhatsApp chat that is attributed to me that has a synonym of my stage name DJ Flevah, I would like to make it clear to my family, my fans, my stakeholders and Zimbabweans at large that this is not me DJ Flevah of judgement yard.

I take it that the screen shot circulating on social media smacks of intentions to tarnish my corporate brand and image with my stakeholders”, read the post.

Dj Flevah was not reluctant to make it known that he is brand internationally recognised, whose image and person cannot be associated with such baloney.

“Let it be known that DJ Flevah is an international brand with the necessary grooming and etiquette that comes with it. I cannot by any imagination respond to a dear fan in that way. All my fans and those that interact with me will affirm my diplomatic and polite responses even on things that i do not agree with.

I am very conscious of the fact that the brand Flevah is envied and admired by many as confirmed by so many DJ Flevah’s on Facebook and various social media platforms.

That chat was not by me and i challenge the originator of the chat to show the same chat with my number on it. Like i said DJ Flevah is an international brand, it has gone beyond me to becoming a moving entity. All attempts to discredit the same will be met with the contempt it deserves.

I therefore urge you my family, fans and stakeholders to ignore this frivolous sickening and disgust screen shot.

Like we always say Judgement Yard is a God believing sound. God fights for us. BLESSJEHOVAH GUIDE WE”.


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