DJ Stavo caught up in maintenance row


The entertainment guru opened up at the maintenance court where his baby mama Rutendo Dumbura was seeking an upward variation of US$350 from US$100 she is currently getting from him.

“I am not as rich as what Rutendo says but she wants a variation of an interning maintenance order.

dj stavo


“How can I afford to pay US$350 per month yet I am failing to raise US$400 for the DNA test because I doubt paternity of the child,” he said.

DJ Stavo denied the evidence of his luxurious lifestyle and being a famous international DJ who travels around the world, as was claimed by Rutendo.

“I dispute all the claims that I am a famous DJ who travels all over the world because since this year I did not cross the borders.

“The evidence brought before the court is malicious as there are pictures from my Facebook account.

“The applicant should make sure that all the evidence she brings to court is worthy because she once used these cars in February and they are my mother’s property,” he said.

In her application for an upward variation from US$100 to US$350, Rutendo said the US$100 was for a pending paternity test which Steven had requested.

“Apart from the pictures, Steven’s lifestyle supports my claim for an upward variation because the US$100 was for the pending paternity test that he is delaying.

“His work as an international DJ also supports the proof of the luxurious cars,” she said.

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda deferred the matter to Friday.

Source-H Metro


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