Dongo Pulls Out Of UK Tour


Trevor Dongo has been left very angry after he saw a poster promoting a UK Tour using his name.

Dongo was said to be part of a BodySlam Tour of the UK in September. But he said no agreement had been reached when the poster was distributed. “They just made the poster without my knowledge, no agreement was met. I started getting calls from my UK fans saying they can’t wait for my performance, unfortunately I won’t be part of it, I have been trying to get hold of Simba (Chakare) but he has not been taking my calls,” said Dongo.

Other artists lined up for the UK tour are Soul Jah Love, Killa T, Shinsoman, Lady Squanda, Alfred Nenguwo and Hwindi President.




Dongo took to Facebook  to vent his anger. “Just to clear some air about this flyer rave nenguva richitenderera mumaGroups, pages etc. To our loyal fans avo vanzwa nekunyeperwa, zivai kuti Trevor won’t be part of this Tour nekuda kwezvakawanda zvisina kunge zvazadzikiswa

Hopefully the Promoter will be posting a final flyer without my name and face on it soon.We had to clear this earlier so that it won’t ruin potential deals for us and also protecting our brand. Zivisawo vamwe kuti apo tichange tisipo.”

But Chakare taunted him saying he wanted to be a Facebook hero. Talks broke down early over money. Usually chanters who come to the UK get very little but Trevor was determined to get what he thinks he is worth.


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