Double Tragedy as woman dies whilst serving tea at her father’s funeral



Such was a case for a Luveve family following a sad incident when the deceased’s daughter reportedly collapsed and died while serving tea during the funeral gathering.

The father and daughter were reportedly buried side by side on the same day at Luveve Cemetery.


It is reported that Gibson Dlodlo died on 13 April and during the funeral gathering on 15 April,his daughter Sukoluhle Dlodlo Mungwira collapsed and died.

It is reported that she collapsed and died while serving elders tea.

The untimely incident reportedly forced the Dlodlo family to postpone Dlodlo’s burial so he could be buried on the same day with his daughter.

A source closed to the family confirmed the incident saying:”This is one sad incident which has left the family and residents wordless.

Dlodlo died on a Wednesday and as people were making preparations for his burial;his daughter also died two days later.

“Such incidents are rare,but the Dlodlo family had to be strong as losing two family members at one time is really disheartening.

“Dlodlo died after a short illness and he was 72 years old.As for Sukoluhle (37)she was fit and strong,”said the source.

Dlodlo and his daughter Sukoluhle were buried on Independence Day at Luveve Cemetery and it is said that the burial was “highly” emotional.

One of the neighbours only identified as Ndlovu said,”In my life time I have never attended such an emotional burial and we pray that Mrs Dlodlo and family will manage to handle the situation at hand.”

The Dlodlo family declined to comment on the issue saying it was not of public interest.

Source-B Metro

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