Dr Amai Grace demands reports on provincial factionalism


Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe has allegedly demanded reports on factional fights bedevilling the women’s league in Manicaland and Mashonaland East provinces, where provincial chairpersons are openly fighting for power.

The Zanu PF’s women’s league boss, according to party insiders, has demanded that warring parties in the two troubled provinces submit to her office, reports detailing what was happening.

This comes amid fears that the party‘s wing could be used as a breeding ground for factionalism and internal fighting.


Women’s league spokesperson, Monica Mutsvangwa was not answering her phone when sought for comment.

But insiders told NewsDay that the First Lady, on returning from Asia last week, demanded detailed reports on what was happening in the provinces.

“Before the politburo next week, the First Lady wants to get an appreciation of what is happening in the two provinces, especially issues to do with the league,” the source said.

“In Manicaland, she wants to know who the trouble causer is and to what extent are other politburo members are involved in the destabilisation of the league.”

The source said the two issues were on the agenda of the national disciplinary committee, where Grace sits.

“She has to go and explain to the committee what is really happening. If there are disciplinary measures to be taken, she should be in a position to inform the committee, which, in turn, makes a recommendation to the politburo for adoption,” the official said.

Manicaland women’s league boss, Happiness Nyakuedzwa, who had been kicked out on allegations of violating the party’s constitution and fanning factionalism, said she had not been told to write any report.

But she said she would write one to apprise her boss on what was happening in the wing.

“We are ready to inform our boss on what happened and the situation on the ground,” she said, adding that as “as far as we are concerned, the situation on the ground remains the same . . . I am the chairlady of the province and those who we kicked out remain kicked out”

Three weeks ago, 27 out of 39 members of the women’s league passed a vote of no confidence against Nyakuedzwa. But she turned tables and dismissed her deputy, Nokuthula Matsekenyere and all those who had staged a coup against her.

Party insiders said the women’s league boss has also demanded reports from Mashonaland East, with regards to vote of no confidence motions that had rocked the province.

“Mashonaland East is also on the agenda of the politburo and the national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, is going there tomorrow (today) before the report is presented to the national disciplinary committee next week ahead of the politburo meeting next Wednesday,” another source said

Kasukuwere yesterday confirmed that he was heading to Mashonaland East today for a provincial co-ordinating committee meeting meant to address challenges bedevilling the province.

“We just want to understand what is really happening and help build our party ahead of 2018 elections,” he said.

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