Dr Amai Grace Mugabe ATTACKS women who wear Mini Skirts


Zanu PF women’s league secretary First Lady Grace Mugabe is on a collision course with gender activists after her remarks that women who wear mini skirts have no one but themselves to blame if they are raped by s-exual perverts.

“If you walk around wearing mini skirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped? It’s unfortunate because it will be your fault,” Grace said while addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters at a rally in Mberengwa.

She called on women to wear long dresses or trousers. Grace said the type of dressing, which left women’s legs exposed, was a result of moral decadence.


“Wear clothes like Mai Mugabe or you can chose a trousers, but not those which are too tight. These types of clothes are the signs of moral decadence in our country,” Grace said.

The statement by the First Lady comes at a time women’s movements Katswe Sisterhood held a demonstration in Harare demanding the right to dress as they please.

Former Katswe Sisterhood director, Winnet Shamuyarira said she was angered by Grace’s statement.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said: “The statement by Grace is very disgraceful and denigrating to any woman and more so coming from a woman and the First Lady.”


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