Dr Tawanda says he will not dump Mugabe


Dr. Tawanda Benson of the Unconquerable fame, says he will continue to perform at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rallies as this was strictly business.

Dr Tawanda performed at one of her recent rallies in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central, to a rousing crowd.

“Oh, well, yes, I was there and that’s true. I went there as an artist who was invited to provide a service,” he said.


“All I care about is, are my fans happy with my performance. Are my clients happy with my performance,” said Dr. Tawanda Benson who is based in Botswana. “Even if there is a funeral and they call me, I go there and sing, why, because they’ve got something that they love about my
song that they called me for. So I go there. I do my job as an artist. I finish, I move out. This is business

Dr Tawanda whose real name is Tawanda Kasaira explained how the song came about. He said it came from nowhere.

“I was in the studio, programming drums, you know putting things together, some kongas, playing them. At the end of the day I was asking myself how best can I sing on top of this?”

The answer came almost immediately, he said. “From nowhere as an artist, I just started like, unconquerable, unconquerable, unconquerable.”

The popular song has, however, attracted some unwelcome controversy of late, with some saying it is tribalist because it seeks to portray the Zezuru, a group of people mostly from Mashonaland provinces as “unconquerable”. Zezuru is a dialect of the Shona language.

Aware of the spin, the singer and producer said he can’t control what people do with his music, but his original intent was never to offend.

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