Entertainment & Zim Celebs DR ZOBHA & Davies Mugadza CHALLENGED to come out together

DR ZOBHA & Davies Mugadza CHALLENGED to come out together


DR ZOBHA & Davies Mugadza CHALLENGED to come out together. Dr Zobha and Mugadza have both been invited to Las Vegas Nightclub in Southerton for a farewell party for Mugadza who left Power FM and will next month join a new radio station YaFM that is based in Zvishavane.

It seems Mugadza wants to take the opportunity to once again distance himself from Dr Zobha, for obvious reasons, although a 2009 court case over maintenance saw a woman named Vimbainashe Ngara declaring under oath that he plays the faceless character.

Mugadza has in the past appeared in public with a character purported to be Dr Zobha but most people believe he hires someone to go behind the mask for such public stunts.


He has done so at Harare Agricultural Show, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair and some corporate functions, but he is still to convince fans that he is not the person behind the mask.


Many people believe Mugadza will play the same trick at his farewell party at Las Vegas to throw followers off the scent and continue playing double-face to maximise his part-time income.

And yesterday Mugadza, who will be YaFM’s general manager, was still adamant that he is not Dr Zobha and challenged fans to come and see the two characters on stage side-by-side.

“I have never said I am Zobha and Zobha has not said so either.

“People have been speculating for a long time but I can assure you that the two are different. I am not Dr Zobha and Dr Zobha is not Davies Mugadza,” he said.

When reminded about the case when his ex-girlfriend challenged the courts to go and unmask Dr Zobha to prove it was Mugadza behind the mask, the disc jockey said the lady was driven by emotions.

“It was just a case of arguments and I think she was emotional and wanted to justify her case.

“It has never been factually proven and I still maintain that we are different.

“I have appeared with Dr Zobha at various platforms and I will do the same at Las Vegas. People will know the truth at the show.”

The disc jockey said he was aware of the claim that he hires another person to play Dr Zobha whenever the two have to go on the same stage at the same time.

“I have heard people saying that I hire someone to mislead fans to believe the two are different but everyone should know that there is no way one character can behave exactly the same as another.

“There was only one Leonard Dembo and no one can match him. There was only one Bob Marley and no one can do as he did. In the same way, there is only one Dr Zobha and no one can perfectly imitate him. It is just speculation and people should come to see for themselves at the show.

“Mudhara Zobha has performed at Las Vegas over the past months and people know exactly how he behaves and they will be able to tell if the character changes.”

Ironically, Davies Mugadza does not perform at the club, but Dr Zobha has been a regular at Las Vegas, which makes the choice of the venue suspicious. Las Vegas manager Yasin Dhala said the choice of the venue was a coincidence.

“Mugadza’s friends chose this place and we decided to bring Dr Zobha to try and solve the puzzle.

“Initially when they booked the venue, they did not know we would invite Dr Zobha and when we did so, they agreed and we are waiting to see how the show will go because people believe Mugadza is Dr Zobha,” said Yasin.

Also expected to be part of the farewell show are musicians Pee Kay, Sanii Makhalima and Winky D, while DJs Skwila, Flabba, Flavour and Butterphly will spin wheels at the event.