Drama as Chris Martin show promoter brawled with a bouncer


Cops had to be called when a Chris Martin show promoter brawled with a bouncer. Tichaona Mharadze of 2 Kings Entertainment was embroiled in a nasty fight with a bouncer following chaos at the VVIP entrance. The bouncer had denied the promoter entry and he lost it.

The fracas was joined by Mharadze’s friend only identified as Esau who had to jump the barricade, claiming his actions were in the interest of protecting their investments into the show. As Mharadze and the bouncer continued pushing and shoving each other, they blocked some fans who had to wait patiently hanging on to their tickets to gain access into the VVIP enclosure as Winky D was already performing.

You want to mess up things here, who are you? We have put a lot of money for this show to happen and you cannot just let people enter this side, this is VVIP and you want us to tolerate that nonsense,” shouted Esau. “You are denying entry to someone who hired you to be here? Get off our way and no one is going to enter through this gate now.” Sanity was later restored at the gate after the intervention of heavily­armed police.


Source : Online

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