Drama as Harare man discovers best friend bedding his wife


AFTER allegedly bedding his best friend’s wife,a city man was left with no option but to approach the courts for peace order for fear of his life.

All this came to light after Charles Bengeza hauled Carlington Zinyuwa to the Harare civil court accusing him of invading his peace.

“I am in need of a peace order your worship because Carlington is making my life a living hell.


“He comes to my house and work place all the time looking for me.

“This is caused by the fact that I had se_xual intercourse with his wife and I am afraid that he will do something to harm me for I do not know what he wants from me.

All I want is for him to be barred from coming to my house and workplace without my invitation,”he said.
In response,Carlington did not dispute the allegations.

“Charles and I have been best friends since childhood but he betrayed me.I went to his house looking for him because I wanted us to talk things out.

“I want him to stop talking to my wife because he still loves her,”he said. Presiding magistrate Gamuchirai Sirwadi dismissed Charles application for failure to provide any form of abuse from Carlington.

Source-H Metro

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