Drama as two avenues hookers fight over a man


TWO self-confessed ‘thigh’ vendors clashed over a married man for se_xual favours at Franton Court along Josiah Chinamano Avenue on Good Friday.

Only identified as Susan Mlilo and Faith,the hookers fought for Kudakwashe Shanu and Faith is alleged to have stoned his Toyota Camry registration (ABR 5056).

Faith was arrested and taken to Fife Avenue police base where she was detained after Kudakwashe lodged a complaint with the police.


Faith told H-Metro that her partner in business Susan lured Kudakwashe by putting on a pa_ntie with artificial hips.

“My friend snatched my married boyfriend Kuda after she lured him with artificial hips she put on and after that she invited me to have drinks with him,”said Faith.

“It affected me so much,after all I am like Kudakwashe’s small house given that even his wife knows me and I could not stomach that.

“Kudakwashe adyirisirwa nezvibhurukwa zvirikupfekerwa varume mumaAvenues zvinema hips nemabuttocks achisiya ini ndinema natural hi_ps and bu_ttocks.Susan’s artificial hips will be left in her pa_nties after un_dressing and Kudakwashe does not know that.

As for his vehicle I never stoned it as alleged but Kudakwashe drove it towards me and I ran away.It is only that he was forced by Susan to fix me after I threatened to expose her tricks.

“The damaged back lens on the car was already damaged,”said Faith being led to the police base along with Kudakwashe.

Susan begged H-Metro not to publish the story saying her parents would question her over pr_ostitution.

“My brother if you may spare me from your story because my parents do not know that I visit Avenues for pr_ostitution,ndokumbirawo zvangu,”she said.

Kudakwashe confirmed the incident begging H-Metro not to publish the story saying it would affect his social standing.

Pakaipa wangu,I know you and I am aware that you are from H-Metro but mmmmm please help me or else I may ask you to speak to one of my friend you know,”said Kudakwashe calling the said friend.

“This lady damaged my vehicle out of jealousy and hey pakaipa wangu,”said Kudakwashe. Meanwhile,several ladies of the night were spotted un_dressed luring men while some of them were wearing revealing attires as a way to make a ‘kill’on Good Friday.

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