Drama as Wasu discovers wife having se_x with another man in stadium


A MUTARE man is seeking the court’s protection from his wife, whom he now calls a violent pr_ostitute, claiming that he caught her red-handed on countless times having quality time with her lovers.

Manica Post reported that Nhamo Samanyanga (43) dragged his wife, Sarah Humbo (29) before Mutare magistrate, Venencia Mugota.He told the court that on countless occasions, he caught his wife red-handed in bed with different lovers.

“Your Worship, this woman is a se_x worker and is in the habit of running away from home and leaving me with the children while she goes to make money through thigh vending. I want her completely out of my life,” he said.


He said at one time she had se_x with one of her clients in Sakubva Stadium.

“I still cannot believe that a sane person would act so obscenely in such a public place. I have had enough of this woman and I do not love her any more. She has been threatening to have me arrested, claiming that our two children are not my children and yet they look exactly like me.”

Humbo, however, told the court that Samanyanga chased her away.

“The house that he chased me away from is actually my house,” she said.

Humbo also denied being a se_x worker. The court granted a binding over protection order and barred Samanyanga from evicting Humbo from her matrimonial house.

Source-Manica Post

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