Drama at Funeral as Pastor is bashed by mourners over sermon


CHIKOMBA – Prominent leader of the United Body of Christ International Church (UBC) Pastor, Petros Chatikobo was bashed by a woman at a funeral as he preached against witchcraft.

The incident left the funeral in limbo and delayed burial. The woman also assaulted other people at the funeral.
Chatikobo was assaulted beaten by Spiwe Chipare, the elder sister of the late Netsai Chipare.

The incident happened in Chivhu location and the deceased was employed by the Veterinary Services Department. She was a member of the UBC ministry.


Chatikobo said he was alarmed by the beating but as a man of God he could not be swayed.

He said, “I have never encountered this before. Castigation of witchcraft is in the bible, the book of Matthew to be exact. I never mentioned anyone’s name, neither did I accuse anyone of bewitching the late Chipare.”

The Mirror heard that Chatikobo was preaching, castigating witchcraft in front of mourners, in preparation for Netsai’s burial. Spiwe then stormed from behind the house and charged menacingly towards the preacher, armed with a stone.

She arrived at where Chatikobo was standing, grabbed his shirt by the collar and shook him aggressively, until some buttons fell off. The pastor’s aides then refrained her from further harming him.

Mourners told The Mirror that Spiwewas shouting obscenities, accusing Chatikobo of lying that there was someone who had bewitched her sister.

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