Drama in the avenues as hookers attack cop


SUSPECTED thigh vendors appeared in court for attacking a police officer at Hendon Court.The hookers gave away a drug haven in Harare’s Avenues area when they attacked the officer.Nyasha Hodzi,of Glen View 3,Thabeth Mazendame of Athlone Gweru and Nkuthula Chapwanya of Waterfalls appeared at Harare magistrates’s court after they were arrested following the incident.

Nyasha and Thabeth were charged with extortion while Nokuthula is being separately charged with obstructing of the course of justice.Circumstances leading to the trio’s arrest are that on Independence Day at around 3am Robert Machowo went to Hendon Court with intention to quench his se_xual thirst.

He then met Nyasha who charged him $5 for her services.The two agreed and entered into Nyasha’s apartment where they reportedly had se_xual intercourse.After quenching his se_xual appetite,Robert is said to have handed Nyasha the agreed US$5.


But the 21-year-old hooker refused to accept the money saying Robert was supposed to add some more cash.The two picked a misunderstanding that drew Thabeth’s attention who intervened in the quarrel.Nyasha and Thabeth allegedly grabbed Robert before they started searching him.

Accusations are that they took his cellphone,US$80,jacket and car keys.They are said to have promised Robert his belongings in the event that he pays extra cash that Nyasha was demanding.Irked by the two’s actions,Robert took the matter to the police.

On the same day,at around 9am police officer Shawn Chibikira went to the Hendon court with intentions to arrest Natasha Mufandaedza for theft.

When Chikira was trying to apprehend Nyasha,Nokuthula then intervened.She then reportedly charged towards the police officer and obstructed him from arresting Natasha.Nokuthula reportedly grabbed his hat and ran away shouting that he was a corrupt officer giving Natasha an opportunity to escape during the confusion.

She was then arrested and taken to court charged with obstruction of justice.

Source-H Metro

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