Drunk woman POOPS in a Taxi


Drunk woman POOPS in a Taxi. A drunk woman was dragged out by police officers from a taxi after she refused to get out and pay the fare, prosecutors in Ireland said.

26-year-old Martina Cramitch of Dublin, was driven to a police station by a frustrated driver after she refused to get up and leave his car.

Police officers who tried to get her to leave the taxi, noticed that she had defecated in the back seat while she slept. After Cramitch refused to get up, police officers dragged her out of the car.


The amount of damage to the car seat plus taxi fare totaled 208 euros ($230). Cramitch pleaded guilty to failure to pay a taxi fare.

She was sentenced to a fine of 220 euros ($244). If she does not pay the fine, Cramitch will face jail, the judge warned.